The Web Project Guide

From Spark to Launch and Beyond

Building and managing a web project is a big, complex process — one that branches far beyond the phases directly in front of us.

On one hand, there’s the multi-disciplinary nuts and bolts work of creating the site itself. But beyond that, there’s the connective points — the ideas, the strategy, the decision making, and the upkeep. Even if you’re an expert in your field, it can still be a struggle to find context across the entire project landscape.

With The Web Project Guide, we want to bridge those gaps to help understand how each stage of the website process fits in with the next.

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What Is The Web Project Guide?

The Web Project Guide is an ongoing book project, delivered two chapters a month. Each chapter will provide an overview of some aspect of the website building process — from forming a plan, to indexing your content, to working through design and development, to long-term maintenance of your site.

When we work with new clients, the sticking points are often not along technology lines, but along communication and understanding of what’s expected during the web project process. This book hopes to help shine a bit of light on each stage.

It won’t tell you how to do each step. Instead, we will link to deeper resources for the topics you wish to pursue further.

It will, however, provide you an overall framework for how a project goes from the initial spark of inspiration to a fully-formed website. And beyond.

Corey Vilhauer

Director of Strategy, Blend Interactive

Deane Barker

Consulting Analyst, Blend Interactive