About this Project

The Web Project Guide is what we call — with tongues firmly in cheeks — an emergent book experience.

Each month, we post two chapters about some aspect of the web project process — from understanding your site’s users to understanding the ins and outs of server maintenance.

It’s currently in the iterative phase, which means editing does not stop upon publication. We will continue to make changes and updates to these chapters as the months go along. We will provide additional insight from experts and colleagues. We will update the resources section, and we will adjust chapters to fit into the larger narrative.

Eventually, not unlike Pinocchio, The Web Project Guide will become a real life book. We’ll let you know when that time comes.

Until then, enjoy the experience.

About the Authors

Corey Vilhauer

Corey rolling his eyes at Deane.

Corey Vilhauer is director of strategy at Blend Interactive, and has gone on at length about documenting procedures, determining audiences and outcomes, and the crossroads between content strategy and information architecture. He is a recovering advertising copywriter and a closeted fan of professional wrestling. He writes at length about methodology, writing for accessibility, and shoestring content strategy at Eating Elephant, and writes about other things at Corey Vilhauer dot com.

Deane Barker

Deane talking about something.

Deane Barker is consulting analyst and a founding partner at Blend Interactive. He has been working in web content management since the mid-90s — before the discipline even had a name. Since then, Deane has become a leading voice in content management — to the point that he wrote the book about it: Web Content Management: Systems, Features, and Best Practices — and continues to write about content management and more at Gadgetopia. From here, it’s on to the future: breaking ground in distributed content management; teaching the practice; reading — always reading.

About the Illustrator

Sam Otis

Sam rocking his epic beard.

Sam Otis is lead designer and lead UI developer at Blend Interactive, where he has been driving brand-driven design for clients for nearly a decade-and-a-half. Sam has helped shape Blend’s accessibility initiatives, pushed clients toward smarter responsive design, and specializes in creating usable and striking websites, illustrations and graphics. He has illustrated nearly every Blend-driven project over the past several years, and is the real reason the site gets any attention.

About Blend Interactive

Blend Interactive is a web design and development firm based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

As a company, Blend has been working full time in the web design and development field since 2005. As individuals, the partners of Blend have been working in the industry since just after the invention of the web in the early 1990s.

Blend specializes in content management implementations with a variety of systems and platforms. Our specialty is content-heavy websites with challenges involving content modeling, retrieval, and workflow. Blend implements numerous content management systems, giving us the ability to fit a platform to a client’s specific requirements, and gives us the unique opportunity to “cross-pollinate” best practices from one platform to another.